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How do I apply for residency?

All students are considered out-of-state residents at the time of admission to NSC. Students must submit a completed Residency Application, with supporting documentation, in order for the Office of the Registrar to consider a reclassification of residency status. The Residency Application lists each of the available pathways to obtaining residency (e.g. WUE, Armed Services, etc.). Read the application carefully to determine which category best applies to your situation. Copying services are not provided by the Office of the Registrar. Please make sure to provide copies of all your documents before submitting them to this office.

Application and supporting documents may be mailed, faxed, or hand delivered. Faxed documents may be returned if copies are unreadable.

Nevada State College
Office of the Registrar
1300 Nevada State Dr., Bldg. E
Henderson, NV 89002
Fax: (702) 992-2111

Updated on September 23, 2019

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