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NSC Student Email

Commonly asked questions regarding Student Email:

What is this student email account for?
This account will serve as the official email address for all Nevada State College communications. Additionally, it can be used to obtain student discounts from various online retailers.
How do I find my email address?
To view your College email address, visit the NSC Portal then click on Student Center - Personal Information - Email Addresses. Your NSC email address will be listed under NSC Campus.
How do I access it?
To access your account visit the NSC Portal and click on the Email link in the QuickLaunch area.
Can I forward this to my personal email account?
Yes, although we don’t recommend this as personal e-mail accounts can sometimes flag legitimate messages as spam. To configure forwarding log into your NSC email account, click on the gear, enter “forwarding” in the search box, and then click on the forwarding option.
Can I add my NSC email account to my smartphone?
Yes, to do so either download the Microsoft Outlook app or add a new email account directly to your device. When logging in please make note to enter your email address/username as <nsheid>@students.nsc.edu.
What happens to my email account if I leave or graduate?
Only NSC alumni (former students who have graduated from NSC) may maintain access to their NSC email indefinitely. Email accounts for discontinued students are deactivated following a period of one (1) year since the last instance of academic activity.
What happens if I change my name?
Changes to your name, including adding a preferred name, will be reflected in your NSC email address within one business day.
Where can I find the policy?
Who do I contact if I have problems accessing my email account?
If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the NSC Support Center at (702) 992-2400, menu option 3.


Updated on March 10, 2021

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